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Explore more of the projects we've created or collaborated on.

You Need This! In Conversation With...

You Need This! is a new series of high quality online films highlighting the work of artists and key figures from across the UK music scene. 

The films explore the artists’ practices through vinyl listening sessions with If Music founder Jean-Claude, focusing on discussions of the records that have shaped their life and work. 

With a focus on promoting awareness of contemporary and historical music of black origin, the series aims to document the unsung heroes of British music past, present and future. 

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Tribute to Paul Trouble Anderson

The South London Soul Train pays tribute to one of the most influential DJs to ever drop soul and truly conquer. Talking about The Legendary PAUL TROUBLE ANDERSON (RIP). Doin'it were there to live stream the event.   


Let The Music Play

Let The Music Play showcases the craft of real DJ'ing in an exciting and engaging film.

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