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Who we are
Doin'It Productions are a UK based music production collective.

Our point of view
Simply, we believe in introducing great music for sale/distribution globally. Our love and appreciation for diverse music leads us to be able to share the best in Traditional Songwriter, Electronic and Hybrid styles.

What we do
We source, produce and release diverse musical genre's from primarily UK and European based artists.

Music is wide and diverse covering any genre which sounds great! Music from "Dance", "Indie" and "UK Urban".


Find SCORP!O Soundcloud mix collection here - along with SCORP!O mixes on Doin'it Productions Red_D Label.











At the moment the talened Yazdi is fine tuning her new album. Sounds like it's going to be a cracker.

Artist: Yazdi
Release date: later this year
Label: Doin'it Productions


YouTube video





From the legendary UK independent label V4 Visions,
the never previously released follow up single to
"Where's Your Love Gone?" from Julie Stapleton.

"Tell Me Baby"

Track: Tell Me Baby
Artist: Julie Stapleton
Release date: 09-Apr-2013
Label: V4 Visions


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